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Tues Ten 041211: How Does Your Garden Grow?

April 12th, 2011

I’m not a gardener. I’ll get that admission out of the way right up front. Still, I enjoy a good outdoor space. They are especially nice this time of year in the South when the heat and humidity haven’t yet made their full onslaught. I mention it because I spent part of the morning yesterday working outside at my patio table. It represented a small triumph for me, something that gave a Monday morning a nice celebration quality. Inspite of my non-gardening tendencies, I’ve been diligently working to reclaim my backyard over the last few weeks. With the help of my Mama (who is, fortunately, quite the gardener), I’ve been making plans involving plants and patio furniture and playhouses, and putting them slowly into action. I began by removing a huge debris pile that had been gathered and allowed to dwarf my view over the last few years. After that came the pruning of many wayward vines and tree seedlings in several areas of the property, and then choosing plants to add and dreaming of various garden ornaments and accoutrements. I still have much planting to do and budgeting for ways to implement my dreams, but the process feels like a celebration even though it’s incomplete. My gifts have enjoyed “helping” and talking about the possibilities. I’ve enjoyed tackling a long-overdue project. And yesterday, I enjoyed a few quiet moments of relishing my accomplishment so far. In celebration of my burgeoning green thumb, I give you the Tuesday Ten: Celebrations from a Morning on the Patio…

1. Bare earth is better than bare branches. (at least when it comes to debris piles)

2. The first step in growing something new is clearing out what’s dying or misplanted.

3. Hearing birds while I’m emailing is a wonderful thing — sponsored by patio tables and wifi.

4. Progress SHOULD be celebrated and taking the time to do it is time well spent.

5. Tea Olive shrubs smell divine this time of year.

6. It’s a blessing to have the freedom to set my own pace — in work, in gardening, in growing — no matter how frenzied a pace it might be at times.

7. Watching my gifts plant and prune and water lets me see they are growing.

8. It feels good to see the results of my own handiwork.

9. Shady places are inviting.

10. Growing is good, even when pruning is required.


© Haley Montgomery

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